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Little Bubblers (kids!)

Can kids enter the BUBBLE RUN™?

Kids are the best! As long as they can cover the distance and finish the event, we also require that they run or walk with their owner. Also, kids 6 and under are free with a paid adult. You’ll just need to sign a waiver for them and bring it to packet pick up. Please note that kids running for free, will not receive an official bib, Bubble Run™ event shirt or goodies, but you will have an option to purchase a kids pack at any time through our online store or at packet pick up.

What about jogging strollers?

Bring ‘em on. The foam is completely safe for the little guys too! Please note that the colored foam may stain the material on the stroller.

What is a Bubble Run™ kids pack?

Because kids 6 and under run for free with a paid adult, they will not get all the goods that the rest of the runners get with a paid registration. We created the Bubble Run™ kids pack. This includes a youth Bubble Run™ event shirt, race bib, head band, tattoo and a pair of goggles. These packs can be purchased through our online store or at packet pick up.

How do I register a child 6 and under if they are free?

Great question! Kids 6 and under do not need to be officially registered through our registration site. We do however still need a waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian. Just print, fill out and sign the waiver and bring it with you to packet pick up. Please note they will not receive a bib or other Bubble Run™ fun stuff unless a kids pack was purchased.

Things to consider when bringing awesome kids to run!

Hey fellow parents of rad kids! We compiled a list of some simple things you can do to help make your kids Bubble Run™ a memorable one.

Because we start runners in waves, there may be a chance you could be in the start chute waiting for a while. PLEASE be prepared by bringing sunscreen, something to cover your head and some water. (We have water on the course and finish line only)
Although the PH of our foam is mild, too much of a good thing can be a little irritating, especially to little eyeballs. Consider purchasing some swim goggles (which are in our kids pack) or some sweet Bubble Run™ sunglasses.
Consider brining a small towel or bandana to wipe down their face after running through a foam bog. This is also good to have to wipe down their hands, before those sudsy paws make it to their eyes.
We also saw some little ones that had bandanas wrapped around their mouths to make sure they didn’t eat too many bubble and spoiled their appetite for lunch. Ok it was probably so they didn’t get bubbles in their mouth. This is an especially good idea for little little ones that don’t understand to swish the foam out of their way.

Pre Run Info:

What is the BUBBLE RUN™?

Lets start by saying that Bubble Run™ is not a race, and is not a competitive category of running, Bubble Run™ is a new category of 5k fun runs that we created to reintroduce you to your inner child.
Participants run, walk, dance and play across 3 miles rad real estate. Foam Bogs of colored suds are encountered at each kilometer along the course, bringing back memories of car washes and bathtub bubble beards.

So what makes the BUBBLE RUN™ special?

First of all, foam is awesome. That’s just a fact.
We’re also pretty awesome.
When is the last time you ran through literally a million bubbles and 6’ deep foam?
Our guess, is only in your best childhood dreams.

Intensity level of the BUBBLE RUN™?

Other than the fact that they’re serious about having fun, runners in the BUBBLE RUN™ range from first timers (plenty) to seasoned competitors. But there’s no race clock, no timing chips, no ESPN coverage. In fact, many runners are actually walkers. That’s totally cool. Walkers just have more time to soak in the frothy goodeness!

Are teams allowed?

Not only allowed but encouraged. Teams consist of a minimum of four entrants with no upper limit. The entry form makes it simple to register. We suggest you name your team, too. The more creative, the better. Sorry, “Uncle Jimmy’s Psychedelic Glow Stick” is already taken. But come up with your own and we’ll feature it on our Facebook page along with your team photo, if you have one. Oh, one more thing about teams; 1 – just because you start together doesn’t mean you have to finish together.

What do we get for our entry fee?

Other than a Good Clean Run™ and the memories that you, your kids and friends will make running the most whimsical 5k on the planet™ Entrants each receive a killer BUBBLE RUN™ race shirt, race number, BUBBLE RUN™ headband, BUBBLE RUN™ tattoo and credit for a charitable donation.

Is there a charitable aspect to the BUBBLE RUN™?

Yes. We partner with two local causes for each event location. You can find the charities for your city by going to its race page.

How can a charity get involved as a beneficiary?

We’re always looking for fantastic partners. If you are part of a charity group that would like to be involved in the BUBBLE RUN™ for a charity fundraiser, we’d like to hear about it. Please email us at partner@bubblerun.com if your company is interested in partnership opportunities.

How do I get my packet?

One-two weeks prior to each race, we will post our race docs pdf. In that doc, you will find all the information you need. However one basic step is standard practice for all of the cities. Don’t forget your receipt you received when you registered. It has a QR or a barcode on it unique to you. Details will be posted a couple of weeks before the event. If you no longer have your receipt, please sign on to your registration account to retrieve it.

Can a friend pick up my packet?

Sure thing! Download the packet release form and follow the directions. Please note you must also give the person picking up your packet, a copy of your registration receipt. Easy Peasy. If you no longer have your receipt, please sign on to your Pulsemob account to retrieve it.

What do I wear to the BUBBLE RUN™?

You can wear what ever you feel like. Regular running attire, bathing suit or a fun costume is welcome. We also suggest a white tee shirt so the color can really soak in.
The colored foam may stain your clothing. If you don’t have a super cool shirt to strut, use the slick one we’re providing in the race packet. If you want to design a team shirt or costume it’s cool. You may also want to consider bringing some sunglasses (or you can purchase some at the Bubble Run™ store) to help protect your eyes while running through the bubble bogs. If you’re bringing kids with you, consider bringing some little swim goggles for them since the bubbles will probably be taller than they are.

What is your refund policy?

All entry fees are non-refundable. You can transfer your entry to a friend anytime prior to 30 days before a race. You may also receive a 100% credit toward an upcoming race in the same calendar if you or someone on your behalf comes out to be a bubble-teer at the event. Otherwise at least come to packet pick up to snatch your swag and say hello. We’d love to meet you. Adverse weather: As stated in the waiver there are no refunds due to acts of God. Because of the foam component of Bubble Run, if there are heavy rains/winds there is a chance the race will need to be rescheduled. There are no refunds for events rescheduled due to acts of God.

What else should I bring?

In addition to a fun attitude, big smile and high fives, we suggest bringing sunglasses (or you can purchase some at the Bubble Run™ Store) a towel, and perhaps a change of shoes. Typically you won’t get too wet, but the longer you play in the bubbles, the more wet you’ll get. If you’re bringing kids with you, consider bringing some little swim goggles for them since the bubbles will probably be taller than they are.

Event Day Info:

Is the BUBBLE RUN™ timed?

Nope. Bubble Run™ is not a race and is more about having fun than setting a PR. Take your time. But if you must, time your run with your own device. It’s cool.

Can I run with my dog?

We love dogs, but the BUBBLE RUN™ is canine free.

So bubble-teers will be shooting foam at us with cannons? Isn’t that dangerous?
There are no long term harmful effects from the foam either during or after the event. If you get some in your eyes, it may sting slightly, consider wearing sunglasses or goggles. It’s been tested on all manner of humans and aliens without issue. In addition the mixture that we use is drier than most foams, therefore you won’t be soaked and won’t be slipping while in the foam bogs.

Will my shoes or clothes be ruined?

In all of our testing, the color came out of everything, including our white-tees. If you figure out a way to preserve the color in your shirt, PLEASE let us know!

With all this foam, will it be slippery to run through?

Nope! We’ve tested many different solutions and feel we have the best solution for running through!

Can the foam affect my breathing? How about my sight?

The foam mixture we use is completely natural and safe.
Slight stinging in your eyes may occur,but it is also at a PH balance that won’t make your eyes fall out if it gets in them.
The likelihood of that happening is low unless you wipe your eyes while foam is on your hands.
Additionally, The bubble-teers are trained to not shoot directly at your beautiful faces. But if you feel better, please wear sunglasses or swim goggles at the Bubble Run™.

Are cameras and phones safe?

Keep in mind, depending on how long you play in the foam, your hands my become slippery, we don’t want you dropping your device.
If you’re planning on running with a camera or phone, just be careful that you don’t drop it, as your hands may become slippery, especially in a foam bog where the foam can be 6’ deep.

Post Event Info:

What happens afterwards?

Here’s how it goes down: Our awesome DJ’s will keep the energy high with awesome music, dance offs for sweet swag and tons of foam cannons shooting 100% foamy goodness into the festival. But these cannons are only the beginning. Wait until you see what else we have in store for you!

Who’s allowed to attend the post event party?

Any and all. Even those who didn’t participate in the event. So bring your friends, family, paparazzi, entourage…whatever you got. Might want to let them know, however, that they’re likely to leave a bit happier than when they arrived.

Will I be able to clean up afterwards?

If you dance long enough at the festival, you will be a bit sudsy and you’ll look damn cool.

What will all this foam do to my car?

Not to worry. Should you get any of the foam on the interior, it should clean up without a problem. To be safe, bring towels with you to sit on for the ride home. If you’re driving your Maso or Lambo to the event, might want to bring a change of clothing. Or have your attendant give you a sponge bath in the parking lot.

If I have a question that isn’t answered here…?

Just email info@bubblerun.com and we’ll answer. Your question might even end up in our FAQs.

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